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Welcome to Martial Way Self-Defense Center

The Martial Way Self-Defense Center, with locations in Colchester, Milton, and Saint Albans, has been teaching martial arts in the Vermont area since 1988. There are many programs for several styles of martial arts at martial way for students of all ages to find interest in. These programs are listed below and also under the programs section at the top of the page. Please visit these pages to learn more about our programs.

Martial Way Class Schedules:
 Milton  (802) 893-8893     Colchester  (802) 863-8863 


Our children's programs are best desribed as a blend of structure and fun. Kids learn to set goals and work toward them, thus developing confidence based on the acquisition of real skills. The classes are small and age-appropriate - we have 4 diffferent age levels. We offer free trial classes for beginners.

Camps for Children
Little Dragons: Ages 3 and 4
Tiny Tigers: Ages 5 and 6
Junior Kempo: Ages 7 to 13
Junior Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Ages 7 to 13
Junior Leadership
Martial Arts Birthday Parties


We take pride in our reputation for highly skilled instructors and successful competitors. Yet we are most proud of the beginner-friendly atmosphere, and comfortable training environment our members enjoy. We offer a wide variety of martial arts disciplines, and a flexible schedule. Call us or stop in for a visit!

Kempo Camp for Adults
Kempo: Ages 14 and up
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Ages 14 and up
Wing Chun Kung Fu: Ages 14 and up
Arnis: Ages 14 and up
Mixed Martial Arts: Ages 14 and up


ThinkSafe Programs

Our Thinksafe Programs allow women, men and children to learn practical self-defense in a short period of time. Children our taught how to deal with bullies, peer pressure and possible abduction. Adults are taught how to deal with gender specific aggression while minimizing the need for physical

THINKSAFE for Children


Martial Way Announcements:Subscribe
2015-11-13  Sparring next week in Kempo Intermediate and Advanced classes. Bring your gear, but leave your egos at home!All  All  

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    Martial Way Self Defense Center has three locations in Vermont: Milton, Colchester and St Albans.
Learn about our Childrens Martial Arts, Birthday Parties, Summer Camp, Adult Martial Arts, Thinksafe Self Defense and other Martial Arts Classes.